Transfer factor


Benefits of transfer factor in Hiv/Aids treatment

   AIDS is a viral attack on certain immune system cells, which causes the inability of the immune system to mount a normal response against infectious agents.

   Thus patients suffering from HIV / AIDS are usually susceptible to opportunistic diseases caused by pathogens in immunocompromised patients who are not, it would be benign, or at least not life threatening.

   AIDS infects CD4 sustained by altering their genetic load and slowing down "warning to the rest of the immune system" to achieve their attack.
Thus giving time for the reproduction of it is more efficient (viral load), be extremely dangerous when descending than 200 CD4 cells per milliliter of blood
   For their part, Transfer Factor or Transfer Factor with their ability to stimulate the immune system in general and particularly for its ability to increase the role of NK cells (Natural Killer Cells), enhance alertness for possible invaders by fortifying the immune system is an essential tool for the treatment of AIDS / HIV.

   Transfer factors are of natural origin are derived from a synergistic blend of immune molecules egg yolk and colostrum Bobino power thus giving our body immune to being powered by phytonutrients that are recognized as immune enhancers by various American universities as
Europe .-

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